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Hello, I am a healthy (I think) 24 year old male with some concerns. I recently posted a message and since then, about a week now, my right arm and right leg feel like they are weak, however they are in fact able to lift as much weight or anything like that. I am not uncoordinated or anything but the muscles "feel" weak, almost like a tickling feeling, sometimes there is occasional shooting pain in the calf muscle and my right wrist is pretty sore (possibly a joint injury from lifting?). My concern is I saw a neurologist last week who did a thorough neuro exam and found no weakness or atrophy. I did not have the weak feeling, but I was having muscle twitches for 2 1/2 months without any other symptoms following panic attacks and persistant worrying about my health in August. I have been on Lexapro since then and has helped my anxiety some but I just cannot seem to get the thought of having a terrible disease out of my head. With that siad, I really do feel the twitches at times and I really do feel the weakness but I am so torn as to whether or not its serious. My neuro at the Cleveland CLinic was so confident I was healthy aside from anxiety he did not want to do an EMG or any other test. Is it just a coincidence that right after my neuro exam I suddenly feel this percieved weakness? I admit I still thought I had ALS even after he told me I did not. Finally, when I wake up in the morning my muscles feel fine, even the twitching, but it is as the day goes on that these feelings progress. I do not know if this is indicative of "waxing and waning". I do not see any atrophy and the twitching has always been at rest mostly and very random, including the eyes. Right before my neuro exam and ever since I have been constantly doing heel/toe walking and running and lifting with my legs and arms to make sure I have strength. Final Note: Would it be possible for this percieved weakness to just pop up out of no where after reading about ALS and actually be ALS, or am I a hypochondriac?? Please help I am a wreck!!!!!

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