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I am a 35 (almost) year old who has has a lot of recent stress. In may of 2002 we had an infant son die in a very traumatic way and it all happened with my then 2 1/2 yr old about 10 feet away. I started having migranes about 9 months ago. I had an mri and it showed a tumor behind my right eye. They feel it is benign and I am meeting with surgeons but getting to this point has been stressful not knowing what the mass was. I also had a c-spine mri and it showed some nerve impingement. My neuro (and every doctor that has examined me in the past year ? maybe several? ) has said that I have hyper reflexes. I have had off and on tingling, numbness and loss of some dexterity especially in my middle 3 fingers (comes and goes a bit, neuro thinks may be carpal tunnel even though not painful). He said he thinks i have carpal tunnel but "definately have something else going on as well". He is going to do an emg but i think only to diagnose carpal tunnel. He also noticed some weakness on my right arm but thought it marginal... (could that be due to carpal or to the nerve impingment?) I have a lot of fatigue in general (feel exhausted) and sometimes I will feel weak in my legs and arms (folding laundry, squatting down) like all the blood is drained from me and i have exhausted spaghetti arms/legs - this is a sometimes thing) Over the past week I am now experiancing twitching and some extended twitching where the muscle contracts and holds for a bit and sort of feels like it is starting to cramp. I am very stressed out and need to know from people who know if this sounds like ALS. The thought of not being there for my son and husband after all we have already been through recently together is terrifying.... If this sounds like ALS please do not hesitate to say so... any input would be welcomed and respected. Also, the neuro put me on 10 mg of lexapro and it is either not working or I am really flipping out (have been on for 1 week :)

josh's mom

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