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Hi. my husband (age 37) has had a possible diagnosis of ALS hanging over him for a ittle over a year and a half. Doc said if the weakness in left arm does not spread, that after 2 years she will probably rule out full blown ALS. Well, we are 3 months and 3 weeks away from two years, and the entire time he has been stable (except for cramps in stomach, legs, and arms and twitching which doc knew about and did not feel it was a concern). Unfortunately within the last WEEK, he now has weakness in right arm, that tingling-numb feeling in BOTH hands, and has tripped a few times due to right leg giving out! ALL IN A WEEK!! Doc said that numbness is not a symptom of ALS and that it is odd to be stable for a little over a year and a half and then for all this to happen in a week. I researched the tingling-numbness sensation in regard to ALS and have spoken to a relative of someone who died of ALS. I found many "official" sites saying that there is no relationship between the tingling-numbness sensation and ALS and other sites, including a confirmation by the relative who's mother died of ALS, saying that this IS a part of ALS. I have two questions: Is the numbness-tingling sensation a part of ALS or not????? What are your thoughts about what is happening to my husband in relation to having ALS????
Thank you for any insight.

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