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HI! all, It has been awhile since I posted here, although I continue to read all the post. I am doing well, My ALS is still progressing slowly in my upper extremities, arms and shoulders. Mike, many of the post here are from people like yourself, looking for some answers to unknown questions about their symptoms, and wondering if it could be ALS. I too did the same thing, the unknown is a scarey thing, that we all deal with, on a daily basis.
I think, in an ALS situation, time is the key factor for the diagnosis. All my symtoms started after I had cervical fusions in my neck, only, 4 years after.
When my left arm, started wasting, and becoming weak, My Dr. thought I still had problems there, however, after another surgery, with no improvement, did they start looking for Neuro problems. Emg, blood work, mri,spinal tap,muscle biopsy, pulminary.
I showed signs of de-nervation in all the muscle groups, ,had wasting of muscle in the shoulder,, and arm, yet, they said it was still not conclusive that I had ALS. This all started in May of 2002, Finally, after waiting 6 months between visits to the Dr. and more test, did I get an actual Dianosis. During that time , I was slowly loosing muscle in right arm, and getting weak in hands, finger stiffness, but, no pan, tingling, numbness, or things like that.
I believe, that after looking at my symptoms, reading the post ,and reserching on the internet, I new I had ALS before the Dr's confirmed it.
In your case though! I believe you are putting a lot of undue stress on yourself
so early. I think the EMG would have shown that you had symptoms, not always
conclusive, but signs of problems. ALS affects different people in different ways, Mine is all in my shoulders and arms, and hands, no other signs, Try not to worry, only time will actually tell you if it is a progressive problem, or just a nerve reaction from some other activity.
My prayers are with you, and ALL others, Hope this helps you.

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