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Hi All, I am really hoping someone can help ease my fears. I am relatively young, a 24 year old female. About a month ago I started having very strange feelings in my left side, it was up kind of high about mid way between pelvis and shoulder. It was like a spasm or something. I could see the skin move and it almost felt as it did when pregnant with my son. This normally seemed to happen when laying on my right side. However, like a lot of other people I typed in spasm/twitch into google and then I had all of the ALS stuff come up. It scared me as when knew a family who lost their son to this horrible disease. So after reading this it seemed that I started noticing other little twitches, in the legs, bottom, never the feet or hands. Today and yesterday I noticed I REALLY notice the spasms or twitching when I bend over. Its always on the left side same spot. Just curious as if to ALS would first present with spasms in this area? I do not have a regular doctors appointment scheduled until june, and due to finacial problems do not know if we could afford the doctor right now. If I needed to, I suppose I could, but jsut curious if anyone here could ease my fears? :) LIke I said its always in the same spot, until the past few days when I found all the ALS information, and now it has seemed more noticable. But the side is almost a constant twitch lasting for minutes at a time, and normally either in a resting state, or while bending over.

Thanks in advance for any help..

It could be simple gas too. Air rises. You say that it happens alot when you lay on your right side, which would cause gas in your stomach/intestines to float to the top (your left side at that point). Bending over would cause it to move upward too to the higher point in your digestive track.

Typing in "spasm/twitch", is a bare and genetic search and is not indicative of anything, as many things could cause someone to h ave a "spasm/twitch".

Low magnesium levels will cause your calf muscles to spasm in a cramp otherwise known as a "Charlie Horse". Low sodium can cause you to have nausea and stomach crampings.

If you are that worried about these "spasm/twitches", then go to the doctor earlier than June. Health is a number 1 priority and shouldn't ever be put on the back burner. Proper health care is right up there with food and water as necessities of life. I doubt it's anything to worry about, but I'm not a doctor, and I don't know your history. Only a doctor who examines you will be able to tell you for sure what is wrong, if anything, in order to give you peace of mind. If we told you that it was nothing serious or to be worried about, and in June when you went and found out it was cancer, you would be upset with us. On the other hand if we said you better rush to the doctor because it could be cancer, and it turned out to be gas, you would be equally upset for having spent extra money when you didn't need to. Only you can decide based on how it's affecting you both physically and mentally, on whether you should go to the doctor now or wait until June. Unfortunately no one here can make that decision for you.

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