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I don't know all the details, but last week my father was diagnosed with ALS by a single physician. I have skepticism that it could be, from what my family has told me. Apprently the doctor performed an EMG test on my father, and based on the results he diagnosed him with ALS.

My father's symptoms began around last summer (2003) in his right leg. There was slight stiffness, and occasional numbness. Over the course of time from then until now, the muscles in his leg has deteriorated signicantly, making it nearly impossible to walk without the aid of a walker. He has slight, occasional twitching in his arms now too. Apparently there was also a high level of toxins found in his system, which we are going to run some more tests tomorrow for, we have cutout seafood from his diet completely. Could it be anything else? He has become very depressed, and does not want to eat. Please help me if you have any input, I hope i provided enough information for your opinions. Please let me know for any other things we should be looking for other than ALS, or what tests can we have performed to confirm ALS? Thanks again in advance.

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