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This is a great thread, lots of interesting information about BFS...

I have been around the neurological loop myself - suspected MS, suspected fibromyalgia etc. On top of that, I'm dealing with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and problems from my IBS (Gah!!) I feel like I should be asking for a warranty replacement for this body. LOL.

Jokes aside, I'm fairly sure I have BFS ... I mean I'm twenty-four, female, so an unlikely candidate for ALS ... BUT I have had significant muscle weakness and some atrophy over the last 12 months, I have lost a LOT of strength in my legs, torso and arms. This really sucks. My balance is pathetic, I trip all the time. Sigh. I've had an electromyogram come back negetive, so it definitely can't be ALS. Yet my psychiatrist and a rheumatologist that I saw both think I have a neuromuscular condition of some sort.

I guess some of us BFSers do get weakness and stuff. Annoying.

I'm supposed to go for more tests with my neuro but just can't be bothered right now!!

Stay well all BFSers

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