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Aug 6, 2004
Hi everyone,

I wanted to post some symptoms I've been having and get some of your opinions as to what it might be.

For almost a year now, when I try to relax and close my eyes for a few minutes, I get a series of what I call muscle jerks. When I lie down and close my eyes for several minutes, one of my feet will quickly deflect to the side and then return to it's normal position all within a split second. Then my leg may have a sudden muscle contraction and release. Then one of my arms will jerk once and then my stomache muscles may contract and release. This cyle repeats itself until I either go to sleep or just open my eyes. It is important to note that I am nowhere near drifting off to sleep when this stuff starts. I can just be laid back in a recliner with my eyes closed listening to the tv. None of this hardly ever happens while I'm active or fully alert. The only thing that happens when I'm alert is if I'm still for a long time my foot will make that sudden deflection to the side and then return to normal. It will only happen maybe once or twice. While sitting at the computer for long intervals I may get the rare sudden contraction and relaxation of a thigh muscle but that that's about it.

I am a 37 year old male. I do not have any noticeable weakness or muscle loss. (My left bicep is smaller than the right but that arm has always been weaker than my right arm). I do not have any tingling or numb sensations and I have no balance or walking problems.

I'm going to a neurologist in 2 weeks but wanted to get your input. I really don't think this is ALS related but thought you guys might have some insight as to what this is.

Thanks in advance.

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