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Any encouraging words welcome. I'm 52-yr-old female with following history:
Early 2001 jumping feeling in a muscle in abdomen, lower right quadrant, sitting cross-legged
Summer 2002 feet and leg pain
Winter 2002 ankles so stiff could only shuffle
Spring 2003 pain in my leg bones and hips, muscles on either side of sacrum tight, legs weak
June 2003 dent in my right calf muscle (peroneal). right foot drag, middle three toes on my right foot burn, especially while driving
July 2003 neurologist agrees muscle wasting, blood tests and MRI of knee and lumbar spine, fasciculations all over body
November 2003 physical medicine and rehab doctor: muscle wasting and fibromyalgia
December 2003 inner calf muscle on my left leg atrophied, muscle jumping all over body, including face, neck, rib cage, feet, thighs
January 2004 mild case of shingles, only about 5 blisters in groin, swath of numbness from lower back (L1) around to the right groin and top of leg
Spring 2004 muscles of feet atrophy further, fasciculations increase, muscle tightness in legs
April 2004 ER, CT of the abdomen, preliminary diagnosis of Crohn's, new family doctor, blood work and Upper GI: normal
May 2004 bright light in left eye with a halo around it 6 hrs.
June 2004 toes burn left foot sometimes, two outside fingers on both hands weak with diminished sensation, numb places on body. When typing hard to lift the outside two fingers on left hand, arms weak.
July 2004 Atrophy upper inner left thigh, grey floaters in eyes, sparkly floaters when looking at bright things
Aug 2004 -- New neurologist on Aug. 5 says case is "interesting" and orders EMG right lower extremity for Sept. 2. Aug. 9, discover atrophy of muscles surrounding left shoulder, including inner shoulder blade on back.

Grandmother had Parkinson's. Still working full time, and it's a struggle. Any input would be appreciated.

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