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Aug 12, 2004

I'm fairly new to this board, but I've been floating around for quite some time reading everyone else’s posts. It really warms my heart, because everyone here seems so sincere and caring. I'm not quite sure where to start. I'm a 28 year old white male. Up until about 2 weeks ago I've always considered myself rather healthy. I can't really remember the last time that I've ever been really ill other than the occasional cough or runny nose that usually resolves itself in a day or two. I have had past problems with both depression and anxiety and was on Zoloft for about 2 and half years. It's been about a year and half now since I've been off it. There is no doubt that I still suffer from anxiety, especially when it comes to my health. I am your classic textbook hypochondriac. I've imagined that I've had every terrible debilitating disease at one point or another in my life. Now my current situation:

Just over 2 weeks ago I started to feel light headed. I didn't think much of it at the time and dismissed it as low blood sugar. It persisted to the next day at which point my anxiety started to increase. Of course this led to a loss of appetite, nausea and insomnia. The next day it persisted along with a strange heaviness in my legs and a tingling in my left ring and pinky finger. Neither of which seemed to lose any coordination or strength. This shot my anxiety through the roof so I went to see my doctor the following day. He told me it was one of the viruses going around and that I could expect to feel crappy for 10 days or more and weak for some period of time after that. Well this brought some comfort, but my anxiety again soon took hold. This persisted for 6 more days in which I didn't seem to be getting any better. I still hadn't been eating or sleeping, so I looked pretty bad. With my anxiety levels as high as they were I couldn't wait to see my doctor a second time, so I went to urgent care. By then the tingling in my hand had gone away, but it left my hand feeling odd. My legs still felt heavy. I still hadn't really lost any coordination or strength. they just didn't feel right. So the urgent care Dr. took a look at me and saw that I was a wreck. He said that there really wasn't anything that he could see that was cause for concern, but he did some blood tests and gave me Xanax. I've been taking xanax everyday for a week now and my blood tests were normal. My left hand hasn't changed much and now my legs just feel sore as if I had over exercised them. I have started to get twitching sensations all throughout my body and my lower back has been tight. They twitching is everywhere. My legs mostly, but also in my arms, face, name it. They are very short, but I frequently get them throughout the day if I'm sitting down. They seem to go away when I'm active. Although my legs feel sore, I still can't really notice any loss of strength. I don't exercise much, but have been doing about a 1 mile walk everyday for the past 5 or so days to get my mind off my legs and hand and to try and relax some. I haven't felt fatigued, and it isn't difficult for me to walk that distance. I also live in an upstairs apartment and haven't had a problem getting up and down the stairs. I'm going to see my doctor again tomorrow, but I fear, given my past psychological problems that he'll just dismiss it as anxiety.

I guess my question is this. Do these sound like symptoms of ALS, or does it sound more like a case where I'm coming off the flu and my body is just weak? Can the twitching be a side effect to the Xanax, or high anxiety? The continual soreness in my legs followed by the twitching is really getting to me. Should I push for a Neurologist? Any input would be appreciated.

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