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Does ALS affect the myelin sheaths in your brain?

My uncle has been diagnosed with something similar to MS, but not it. His legs and arms are numb for a majority of the time, and he walks kind of like he is drunk. He is extremely tired ALL of the time, and he has fallen down for no reason. He goes to the Mayo clinic in Rochester, and they are giving him medication that costs $12000 per treatment and they won't mix it until he is in the waiting room. It has something to do with blood/stem cell therapy, and it makes him sick and exhausted. This is a man who used to run 5 miles a night and weight lift. He was the toughest, strongest, fittest man I knew until about 3 months ago when he had tingling in his extremities. Now they are numb, all the way to his butt. He is becoming depressed and talks about buying a gun. I'm so scared for him, I love him so much! The doctors haven't said anything about Lou Gehrig's disease, but I do remember (I think) typing into a search engine something about "Lateral Sclerosis". Is it possible that they WOULDN'T tell him that it was commonly referred to as Lou Gehrigs, so he wouldn't freak out? He goes back up there on September 1 for another round of treatments. This will be his third. Hopefully someone will have some information.


Oh yeah, they said that it had something to do with the myelin sheaths in his brain deteriorating.

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