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I am scared out of my mind right now because what I've been researching looks like it confirms ALS. Here is a list of all the symptoms I have that correlate with what I've found on some ALS websites.

1. Muscle weakness starting in one arm and spreading to the other arm while having more weakness in the arm it started in.
2. Small areas of twitching all over my body.
3. Flaccidity in almost every one of my muscles although wasting hasn't been detected yet.
4. Weakness in my voice also acompanied my a small painful feeling that I also get in my arms when I try to move them sometimes.
5. Difficulty in breathing while lying down, or orthopnea.
6. Pressure sores.
7. Stiffness in my neck.

Even though my weakness came and went for three days I read that unaffected motors neurons can compensate for this somehow. I don't have weakness in my legs yet even though I feel twitching there. (Wait, scratch that part, as of just a second ago going down the stairs I just noticed weakness there too!). Even though it started in my arm most sites say that it starts mostly in a hand. My MRI's were negative but EMG was positive. I was already tested for lyme disease and just about everything else. Even though I have a little numbess over most of my body I don't feel this is a significant factor. Will please someone come along and put my mind at ease and tell me what othe diseases out there this could be. I looked up just about everything and none of them matches the symptoms that I have.

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