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I was dx with PLS in 92 at the age of CLeve Clinic Foundation.
Dr Mitsumoto, then Head of neurology saw me after I experienced some of yur same symptoms.
I was avid runner and noticed a dragging occasionly of the left foot. I noticed a finger would be spastic, again many of your same dx.
I would do the lymes dx, but I would see a dr with PLS training. Dr Pioro at CCF is a good start.
Good Luck
Going on 16yrs wiith PLS..
[QUOTE=luv2read;1250771]Thanks for the info.

I'm also from Ohio. I don't know if they've ever checked me for lyme or not. I've had many blood tests through out the years. Last blood testing done this year. Like over $1,000.00 worth!! :eek:

I have an appt at Cleveland Clinic in Nov. If this neuro doesn't think it's pd I'll for sure ask him to be tested for lyme.

Can lyme disease cause throat spasms 6 yrs into symptoms? If I get the tiniest bit of an itch in the back of my throat I will cough to get to the itch and then my throat will totaly close off. Once the throat muscles relax I can breath again ( usually within 20 seconds).

Does lyme disease cause tremors in the wrist and fingers AFTER using arm-hand muscles?

I don't know too much about lyme but have heard a few stories of people being dx'd with something and it turns out that it was lyme disease.

When my youngest was like 2 yrs old , he was playing outside. The next day I found a tick imbedded in his groin area. It must of went down his
diaper. We called the nurse and she told us how to get it off. We asked if we should save it in case he get sick. She told us to just throw it away.

So, yes there are ticks in Ohio!!! I don't know where in Ohio you live, but we live in Akron.

Can Lyme cause one to be hyperreflexic and have bilateral ankle clonus. This year was the first yr any dr has noted this and I've been having problems for 9 yrs.

Forgot to ask ya, Were you originally dx'd w/als? If so, you must of had an abnormal emg? Was the emg abnormal because of lyme disease? My emg was normal this year.[/QUOTE]

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