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What to expect?
Oct 15, 2004
my husband (38 yrs old) has the symptoms of als and we see a specialist in nov. his symptoms started in april '04. they started with fasics in his rt arm and atrophy in his hand--espec btwn his thumb and index finger. fasics are still in his arm and now his left arm. sometimes we see them in his chest and think we see them in his legs, but these arent constant like his arms. in the last week, it seems like the fasics in his rt hand have stopped, but atrophy is still there. could that be because the neurons have died on that hand? he hasnt lost weakness in his left hand or legs. what should we expect? we are planning a trip to calif in feb--will we go? we have 3 small children--6,4,3 yrs old. they need their father.
we are also going to see a neuro. who specializes in spine injuries(on our own request)--hopefully he may see something. also, we were on the atkins diet in march--he lost 22lbs in 6wks--then the symptoms started. is this just coincidence?

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