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Re: What to expect?
Oct 27, 2004
yes, we've been seeing a neurologist since 7/04. actually we've seen two of them. They don't know what he has--or at least wont say yet. We see an als neurologist next month. He has ordered bloodwork, but no results back yet. How is your husband doing? How fast has it progressed? It sounds like our husbands cases are similar. My husband has only lost strength in his right hand. he cant button, can barely start the car, and has alot of atrophy in that hand/arm. The left may have lost a little strength, but we cant tell very well because it's not very consistent. He has fasiculations in the right and left arms continually, and some in near his scapulas. Nothing in his legs, except for a very rare occasional twitch. It seems like it it progressing slowly if it is ALS, from what i've read. Is this normal and does it get to a point where it speeds up? when will it affect his mobility if it is als? I know everyone is different, i just wish we had some answers. It is very hard to not look into everything.

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