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Typical of ALS?
Dec 7, 2004
Hello, for the last year or so I have been having quite a few fasciculations in my body. I went to a neurologist last year for a different problem, mentioned the fasciculations to him, and he said it was BFS. Well in the past year they have gotten quite a bit worse. I have them all over my body now, everywhere from my scalp to my neck, toungue and foot. They seem to worsen with stress/anxiety or when I think about them, definately. Sometimes I won't have any but sometimes I will have them really bad. They seem to be worse at night and get progressively bad throughout the day, I guess.

If it was ALS would I know by now? There would be associated weakness/atrophy with the twitches, and they would be more localized correct (they are all over my body). I am still functioning completely normal, no muscle wasting I don't think. I seem to be getting cramps in both hands now, and a few little crampy pains off and on in my body but I am wondering if that could just be because of my anxiety over worrying about having ALS. Before I even read up on the symptoms, I was just having the twitching and didn't complain of anything else. It seems like after you read up on stuff you seem to think you have all the symptoms.

I am also 18 and have had a bunch of bad luck in the past with cancer. since it appears god has something against me I wouldn't doubt that I have this.

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