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Hi dvinn. My symptoms sound so similar to yours. I am in my early 20's and female. I am in the middle of diagnosis. I testes positive for an auto immune antibody. But I am also thought to have anxiety. Ever since I started Celexa, the numbness has subsided. The twitches are still there, and I now get this wierd tingling in my foot. However, my neuro tells me there are so many things that cause muslce twitches, among them anxiety and most are benign. But I know how annoying it is. I'm with ya!
now i dont have numbness my current symtpoms are..

muscle twitching all over
chest pains behind ribs
sometimes i get a catch in my chest where it hurts to breathe for like 2 min
(new)sometimes i get the feeling of someone screwing in a screw into my chest on left side where heart is.
(new)nauseated a lot
(new)loss of appetite
weakness inside left armpitt and down my left arm
Horrible Brain Fog cant think good anymore at All
pain in my left armpitt.. like stung by bee sometimes. but deep inside.
when i wake up in the morning i feel like i got ran over by a car and my eyes are slightly filmed over as if i slept with my eyes open.

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