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first, have your doctor order the mri now. tell her your worried, symptoms arent better and it would put your mind at ease to get it done sooner than later. they usually will do it if it is reasonable and your firm but nice. You may as well try, the worst they can say is that you have to wait a while longer.
as far as als symptoms, weakness, muscle fasiculations, clumsiness are a few of the 1st signs from what i've read. there are several types of als. the fastest progressing is bulbar type, that usually starts with your throat, swallowing etc. there are some good websites that explain als symptoms if you do a google search on als symptoms.
there are many things that can cause your symptoms from what i've been learning thru my husbands appts. He's only been having problems since march/april. MS, ALS, stress, deficiencies, lymes disease, infections are just a few. I think even fibromayalgia. Its hard to not worry, especially with children involved. we have three-- 6,4,and 3. Unfortunately, being diagnosed with something like als just takes time. Understandingly, they want to rule everything else out, but for us it was the not knowing that drove us crazy. I cried for days too. It seems like with all of the technology these days, there would be some definative test and cure for these motor neuron diseases.
Lots of luck to you.

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