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Hello. It's been a while since I last posted. My dad was dx with ALS in Dec. 2002. He died in March, 2004. He was 60 yrs. old.

I am a 35 yr. old female. I believe the last time I posted which was probably around last summer I had been having some problems that concerned me. I'll try to make this brief...
Around the fall of 2003 I began dropping light weight things in my left hand. Paper plates w/sandwiches, light drinking glasses, make-up, medicine bottles, not heavy things. This became so frequent that I knew something wasn't right. This is still going on. It doesn't seem to be any worse, but I still drop things that I should not be dropping. It's like things just "fall" out of my left hand. My left arm does seem a little weaker than my right, but then again, I'm right- handed. I did go see my PCP about this and he advised me to see a Neuro if I wished. He didn't really know what to tell me. I also told him about the twitching I have been having all over my body. This is still going on also.
However, now I have developed an additional symptom. Weakness in my left leg upon rising from a sitting or lying position. It's especially bad in the mornings. I limp for a few minutes. It's very stiff and my foot hurts just a little bit as I walk on it. (Left side - same side as problems with dropping things). I'm getting very scared now. I understand I can only get a dx from a Neuro, and I have been putting it off until "more" symptoms arised if any and now they have.

Has anyone experienced this? Sometimes I've only been sitting for a few minutes and my leg is weak. It just feels "weird". I also have noticed a balancing problem when I stand on my left leg or squat down to get something. I was going through some files at home the other day and just fell over to my back. It was so crazy. I tried to get my balance with my arms, but it happened so fast.

Thanks for reading... hope to hear your opinions. I will go to a Neuro soon. I just have been putting it off.

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