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I've had twitching in my legs, arms, hands, etc for almost a year now. I've been to Mayo Clinic and they did an EMG which they say showed I have a mild myopathy. I'm very concerned I have ALS but they say I don't. On the EMG, the nerve conduction study was normal but the muscle study showed a cramped discharge in a muscle and small motor unit potentials in a variety of muscles. I've since gone back for a muscle biopsy but haven't gotten the results yet. I asked again about ALS or Progressive Muscle Atrophy and the neurologist at Mayo says I don't have ALS or any of it's variants. Does anyone know how they come to this conclusion. Is it because the nerve conduction was normal? They are doing the muscle biopsy per my request. They didn't know if it would shed much light diagnostically but I've exhausted all my other options. By the way, I do have fibromyalgia. I'm just so scared I have ALS. I'm a 29 year old female. Does anyone have any light to shed on this. They say a myopathy is a disease of the muscle although they say mine is mild so they don't really know what it is. Does this sound like ALS? Also, I jerk alot when trying to fall asleep or when trying to get back to sleep after being awoken. Not your typical falling off a curb feeling people sometimes get - this happens over and over a few times each night.
i agree with the other two replies. it doesnt sound like als. I've read that fibromyalgia can cause these symptoms too. along with stress and many other things. They rule out everything before they call it als. it also has to be in several different areas and upper and lower motor neurons need to be affected(meaning reflexes, muscle strentgh, atrophy etc). I definately suggest to get another opinion. Even our als specialist is sending my husband for a second opinion. Have you heard anything about Columbia univ-they have the lou gehrig center. Is that near you? The mayo clinic is in NY right? As far as your age, they say it only 2% of the cases are in people under 40yrs old. Hope this helps.
Yes, I'm using Nexium, Xanax, Clonodine for BP, Clonazepam, Amitryptiline and Lortab for pain. This twitching all started almost a year ago after the birth of my first child. Does anyone know what to make of the EMG showing a mild myopathy? The nerve conduction was normal but they say there were some small motor unit potentials in a variety of muscles and they recorded a cramp discharge from one muscle. I have lots of muscle pain, so I don't know if it's from the fibromyalgia or not. Also, I jerk a lot as I go to sleep, more than just the normal thing that happens to people once in a while. It happens to me every night, over and over a few times, then I get to sleep, then if I wake up in the morning and try to go back to sleep it happens then to. As for the muscle twitching, I experience it every day, sometimes every few minutes, sometime closer or farther apart. Mostly in my legs, arms and hands. My thumb will move or my arm will pulse. My leg will move slightly or my foot. Also in my legs, they "vibrate" as if the muscle is vibrating or they feel like a pulsing beat sometimes. Also have ping type of feelings in my legs too sometimes. Any insight would be so greatly appreciated as to if this sounds like ALS. As far as muscle strength, I passed all the neurologists tests of strength and the neurologist report says I have normal muscle tone and bulk. Thanks everyone. By the way, the twitches started before I started any of these meds. They started after my baby although I remember in years past, occassionally having some pulsing in my arms every once in a while, not every day at all back then, very seldom.

Actually, I started the BP medicine while pregnant, I had high BP so had to go on bedrest for month and a half at end of my pregnancy, and delivered 1 month early. I was first on methlydopa for BP, then Procardia, then in August was changed to Clonidine. Also been on reflux meds for 7 years, different kinds, last was Aciphex then changed to Nexium in November.
As a I had posted before, ALS is progressive and if this is what you have (as long as you have had the symptoms)- there would be some very obvious muscle weakness- probably even paralysis by now.
Fibromyalgia can definitely can pain and discomfort along with problems with the muscles.
I have worked with many, many people with ALS (as a nurse) and I lost my Mom to ALS- plus I volunteer my time at a local support group for patients with ALS.
Of course- only a physician can say for certain if you have ALS or not, your symptoms and the progression does not follow any case that I have ever seen.

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