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I'm a 35 year old male. Been having some neuro symptoms for 11 months now. Mainly numbness in head and mental fog. Had 2 MRI's, showed small white spots in cerebellum. When this all started my left leg (knee down to foot) had mild numbness too. In the past week or so, the foot seems real numb and my right arm, elbow to fingers have the numbness and weakness. I am able to button shirt, etc, but numbness, weakness seems really bad this week. I'm very nervous that it may be ALS. My wife cuts the hair of someone going through this and it is very scary. I don't want my wife and kids to have to deal with me being this way. Had done 2 Elisa Lyme tests and 1 Western Blot, all tests say no Lymes. EMG scheduled for Feb 3rd. I know you don't have answers but what do you think. Something to be worried about?? I think think I've lost a lot of strength, but the numbness make the foot drag alittle when I walk. What do you think? Thank You
I think it was my LDL, because I remember them saying that it was REALLY low and I need to stop. I do not work with Pesticides, etc, Just an office job. I was having symptoms at the start, some chest pain, a lot of mental confusion was the main thing, numbness feeling in head. That's why they did the MRI. At some point through all of this I've been told it could be, stroke, MS, Lymphoma, Neuromuscular disease, Mono, and a viral infection. The only two possibilities of those left are Neuromuscular or some wierd viral infetion. I'm hoping for the viral infection. I do an EMG on Feb 2nd. Thanks for your help. let me know if you have any other thoughts. Thank You
I'm just hoping you are eating a lot of protein........meat, eggs, cheese....... to get enough of cell building food (with lots of carnitine). My son and a man who worked with him both got poisoned or a virus and went through a period of about a month where they had tingling and numbness which started in their legs and worked upward in their bodies. This happened to them both within days. They worked in heating & air conditioning and I was sure they were contaminated by something toxic! My son was about 36 at the time. We went to the E.R. twice. He had an MRI and also had a spot in his brain. His co worker ended up with an all over body rash and got better. My son never got "the rash" but also got better. We feared it was MS also. Must have been a virus.

Many on the lipitor board said Co Q10 & L- Carnitine helped with some of their problems. I posted below this post about the lipitor site ( thread on cholesterol). If you have time, just read some of it.

I wonder how much of your problem worsened after using Zocor. Many people have had problems right away. They were the lucky ones because the statin was immediately suspected as the culprit. The unlucky ones had problems months or years later (still on the medication) so the statin medication was not thought to be the problem until several months of tests and operations.

I'm also hoping it's a virus and wish you well. I see others on this board may have Lyme Disease. We are very close to Lyme CT. (that's where the disease came to light)and I have had it twice. I was lucky enough to get the "Bulls eye rash" that sometimes appears after getting bit by the tick, so I went on antibiotics immediately and got over it. It's pretty common to be bit by ticks in our area. My son had the test twice but it was negative. However, many times the test shows negative but the disease is later found. Not so great!

What is an EMG?

I'm wishing you well soon,

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