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I have been toying with this ALS idea for several weeks -- it would be tough for me to start with all the symptoms but it all started with strep throat in late October. I never really felt like I got out of the woods with it and felt tired and achy following the antibiotics. Since that time I have experienced discomfort in the chest area ... a sore left shoulder ... perceived weakness in my left arm ... a TMJ flare up ... muscles in the jaws are tight ... additional sensation of suddenly waking up numerous times in the night ... tremors in the shoulder thinking my heart was racing but I think it was the shoulder and muscles in the chest area ... Tightness in the left shoulder area ... I have been for a stress test - passed it with flying colors ... MRI of the head and cervical spine and nothing up to this point ... I have had blood tests and more blood tests with nothing showing up to explain the symptoms. I was tested for Lyme disease recently -- did not hear whether it was negative but figure it is -- low B12 but addiitonal test showed no difficient... I started getting a burning sensation in my legs off and on -- thigh and foot ... different legs --- not contstant and worried about MS. I had some tingling in my ring and little fingers on both sides ... With negative MRIs I have somewhat ruled MS out ... Was told stress was doing all of this but recently started with fascilations in different places in my body ... I still cannot sleep very well but the sudden rush feeling of waking up has stopped for the most part ... I have seen my PCP, an internist and been to one neurological appointment. The neuro and internist did not think I had ALS -- neuro said I was not weak after testing. He said you do not have ALS -- it does not present itself in that manner ... but I feel weak, have fascilations and appear -- by my own defintion see atrophy in my left hand and chest muscle -- does not jump up with flex like the right side (I am right handed)... the heal of my hand hurts and is sore -- my thumb and wrists crack on command ... along with my neck ... my shoulder is stiff and sore in the mornings when I wake up on it and something rolls over inside it when I turn over on it ... my hands are falling asleep over the course of the night --- both of them.

I really do not know what to do -- with achy feelings all over (shoulder, legs - upper legs, arms, neck on occasion), continued fascilations when resting all over primarily in my lower legs and shoulder/bicep region and numerous questions, I called the neuro to get the test results from neck MRI -- negative ... thus I am at the end of the road. He has called me in for a nerve conduction test tomorrow morning -- I think to help calm my nerves -- ha, ha -- as I said I am a wreck. Any assistance from anyone would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. The board has helped me take control of my health issues --- perhaps driving me a little out of it as well :)

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