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I saw a very sad story on the news tonight about Dr. Richard Olney of San Francisco, who is a neurologist and has dedicated his entire career to treating ALS patients and finding a cure. He was head of UC-SF renowned ALS center that he had founded in 1993. In December Dr. Olney was, himself, diagnosed with ALS. He had basically diagnosed himself after noticing strange symptoms he was having. Only 2 months after diagnosis he is wheelchair-bound and can barely speak. He just describes his horrible dilemma as "ironic." (talk about!!!) Dr. Olney was famous for spending countless hours with ALS patients. He still has contact with his current patients and has received hundreds of well-wishes from patients' families, etc. He has signed on as a "human guinea pig" in a trial of 2 drugs that slowed the diseases' progress in mice, and he is also using the time he has left to raise awareness and money to fight ALS.

I was so moved by this story that I just wanted to share this with those of you who frequent this board.

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