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I lost my Mom to ALS almost 5 years ago and attend ALS support group meetings where patients, friends and family come for support.
I can tell you the most important thing for you to do- is to be you. If you need to cry- then cry. It is more important to a person with ALS that everyone act normal around them instead of putting on a smiley face.
The second most important thing to do is to be there for this friend. As the disease progesses- it takes away so much. It makes a person horribly tired.
Don't just offer to do things for the person, because most people in this position out of kindness say "no"- but they truly do need help. Whether it is just coming over and mowing the lawn once a week- or something really special to do (while the person can still eat) is to bring them over a meal at least once a week and just spend time with them. As the symptoms progress- this disease becomes isolating for the individual affected. Also- try to attend a support group in your area- whether it be an ALS Association support group or a MDA/ALS Support Group. This is where you, your friend and your friends family can get the most support and learn ways to help "Live" with this disease. Remember- it is in fact that we all will die- but don't treat this friend like she is dying, because while she still has life then she is living and I am sure that this is what she wants to do.

My prayers are with her and those close to her

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