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Be his friend always. Not just when things are good now. My Mom has just passed away from ALS. She had a dedicated group of friends who came over & held her hand, prayed with her. Took her outside to be in the sun. Funny thing is, one told me. I am not blessing your Mom by being with her. She is blessing me many times over allowing me to be with her! I will never forget those words. We had a rotation of people who cooked for her, fed her. Someone to clean for her. And not to forget, my stepdad to be taken care of. It was wonderful!

Research it. Go to the als website. If he wants to talk about it. It is early for him. Later in my Mom's disease some people mostly talked about the medical stuff, end of life decesions. I asked her if she was afraid? What would she miss? Talked about my childhood memories!

You are a good friend for already being here!


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