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My Mom was diagnoised with ALS last year. She was 78. This is a late age to be diagnoised with ALS. People are usually much younger when diagnoised.We think looking back that she had signs we just didn't know? She did progress quickly from being able to move around to a walker, then walker with a seat. I think at their age it does move quickly. I would advice you to find a local ALS association. Meet with them, go to support groups and borrow videos about ALS & the progression! They can also loan you equipment as needed!

I am sorry for your family. It is a devestating disease. Enjoy every minute you can with him. We were 5 daughters, two that lived out of town. I spent as much time with my Mom as I could. In the end i took care of her very intimate needs & was blessed & humbled doing that for her!

She did have a sudden turn for the worse on April 27th and we were called to her side. To our suprise she died on April 29th. We knew she was close but, we thought we had a few more days. I am still in shock and miss her terribly but, thought I would take the time to write you!

You sound like you have a wonderful & supportive family. You dad is very luck & I feel blessed! I hope my reply didn't bum you all out. It was not my intention.

Hugs, Pam

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