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Thanks for your reply ohio hunter.

I did visit the lyme disease site earlier to check the symptoms, but it is not the same. (I have not had contact with animals or been anywhere near a place where I could come in contact with ticks or anything related.)

I'm really down about the whole thing, as you mentioned als is not suppose to cause pain, but drs seem to think that my symptoms are serious. This is becoming a really expensive undiagnosed "thing." Somedays I feel fantastic, with only vague symptoms and other days (especialy when I'm tired) it is very scary. I sometimes feel so weak that I'm afraid that if I fall down (my one leg seems to drag from time to time) I will not be able to get up again.
I also have trouble remembering and comprehending and sometimes get confused with what I wanted to say or the words come out in different order than intended. This bothers me a lot, because it makes me feel stupid.

If you can suggest something else, I will be grateful.

Kind regards.

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