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Before I begin, I want to let everyone out there who is dealing with ALS that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Unfortunately, for the last few weeks I've been showing signs of ALS. I'll make this as short as I can. About four weeks ago I started twitching. It was mainly in my left shoulder and right knee. Two weeks ago, I noticed that my triceps and biceps felt weak in both arms. I could still lift weights with no noticable drop in performance, but that weakness always returned. Other odd symptoms came on as well. My legs are sore from time to time, I had occassional pain in my right hand, a tingling sensation throughout my legs, and numbness in my face. What's weird is that I'm also running an occassional low grade temp as well.

As of the last few days, the weakness is mainly within my right arm and shoulder. The degree of weakness varies throughout the day. It also seems worse under stressful situations. Finally, the twitching has almost stopped, but it's still there...mainly in my legs. My dexterity seems okay as I'm not dropping things like that and I can still type. It just takes more effort. I'm just really concerned about this weakness. It won't go away!

I went to my regular doctor earlier this week. I did a bunch of physical tests for him and he said he can't detect any weakness. The doctor said I'm just "perceiving that I'm weak." He said since I'm running a fever, I'm probably fighting a virus or something. However, I went to my chiropractor and he had me do even more tests. He said he does notice my right side is weaker. I respect this chiropractor's opinion because he has a current ALS patient. He even called this gentleman and asked about his early symptoms. Unfortunately they are very similar to mine.

I'm scheduled to visit my doctor again next week. My chiropractor urged me to get an MRI and I'm going to take his advice. Here are my questions for anyone out there who knows about this disease...

1. My right side got very weak, very fast...within two weeks. Does ALS work that fast?
2. If I had ALS, wouldn't my twitches get worse and be mainly in the weak part of my body?
3. If this isn't ALS, what is it? MS or could it be something as small as a pinched nerve?

If anyone out there has any knowledge they would share, that would be very helpful. Even if the news isn't good, I need to know. I'm a 29 year old male with a wonderful wife and an amazing two year old daughter. I want to know what I may be up against so I can prepare for my future. Thanks in advance.

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