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I lost my Mom to ALS 5 years ago. She was definitely my best friend- next to my husband. I was only 27 when I lost her. You never want to let your Mom go- but after watching the symptoms progress of this disease and seeing what she is going through, you come to the realization that she is going to a much better place. A place where she can move again and run, a place where she can eat without getting choked and speech without difficulty. You cherish the wonderful years that you had with your Mom. With your Mom being 79, you cherish that you had so many wonderful years with her. I volunteer my time with a local ALS Support Group and have watched young people - in their early 30's die with this disease. One gentleman passed away last year and at the funeral- his young wife held their 2 year old son on her lap. He will never remember his Dad. I miss my Mom terribly- but I thank God that she was able to see me raised and that I had her there for guidance and love. So many are not given this.
We will all come to this road sometime, whether it be to old age or an illness or an accident. Please know- that you have an opportunity that many people never get. You have an opportunity to say everything that you could ever want to say to your Mom and you have an opportunity to say Good bye and I will see you again. So many people die in accidents each year and their loved ones are left in shock and were never able to say those special words that they would want to say. What time she has left, cherish it- tell her each day that you love her. This is the greatest gift.
What beautiful advice. It's true...we all need to be grateful for the time we are given both for ourselves and with those we love.

May you and your mother find peace. Please keep reaching out to others for support, be there and love your mom, and appreciate every wonderful moment you have.

God bless.

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