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I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similiar symptoms or has any guesses on what I might have. I am a 36 year old male who is out of shape and I normally am an avid bicycle rider. I rode 100 miles a week for the last 3 years. Last year, I suffered 4 falls from my bike because I was learning how to use clipless pedals and landed on my left side every time. I didn't have any visible injuries other than mild scrapes. I am 6 foot 6 and weigh 290 pounds. I also suffer from hypertension.

My primary physician ordered an EMG that had abnormal results that are documented below. I saw a different neurologist instead of the one who gave me the EMG because I could get in faster and he said that I didn't have any signs of ALS, MD or MS after giving me an examination. I have made an appointment on 4/15 to see the neurologist who gave me the EMG and I'm going to ask him what he thinks is going on.

General fatigue (I get winded when I walk up 2 flights of steps)
Painful left ankle
Strength is normal in all muscles however my leg muscles become fatigued quickly.
I become much more fatigued when I stand in one place then when I walk.
Feet become numb when I exercise.
My fatigue is quickly relieved by sitting or laying down.
Continuous twitching on the side of my foot after I start using the muscles
Various twitches throughout my body (I think this is probably normal because they don't happen very often, I'm hyper-aware of everything that resembles a twitch, I'm stressed out from worrying and I haven't been getting much sleep because I'm on the internet freaking myself out.
Occasional numbness in both feet
I can feel my pulse in my feet and leg when I just sit in a chair.

Chest xray - normal
Stress echo test - normal
Nuclear stress test - normal
Sleep study - mild sleep apnea
Standard blood tests - Glucose intolerant but no diabetes
Lumbar MRI - normal
Lumbar xray - slightly bulging disc at L4 (chiropracter thinks I have an old fracture at L5 which is irritating the nerve.
EMG - Acute and chronic denervation in L5 and C1 nerve roots on left side,postive waves and fibrillations found in gastrocnemius, TA and EDB (Neurologist said that the abnormal EMG results do not look like they are being caused by ALS)

Any comments would be appreciated. I am driving myself crazy.

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