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I am so sorry. I wouldn't wish this on anyone! To keep up his strength I would get a feeding tube. My Mom did it just to make sure she had enough nutrition & water in her. Losing weight for someone with als is not good. I think of it as a maintainence thing, not end of life issue yet! It did help her keep her weight on. She did use a bipap machine to force air into her lungs. This was as needed at first and again was not an end of life issue. She was still very much with us at that point. I would advice you and him to check into a local ALS association. Get threir videos, talk to the nurse there. They were great with helping us and my Mom. They will even loan you equipment if needed!

My Mom has since passed on but, I was glad for every minute we had with her. As far as end of life she didn't want to use a feeding tube or respiriator and we would have respected that! Tell your friend to distigunish between maintaince issues and end of life decesions!

Good luck to you. check out the ALS association website!


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