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About 3 years ago I had a serious ALS scare. Mine was due to extensive twitching. I did the terrible thing and checked the web for symptoms, self diagnosed myself and dove into a hell of self doubting, symptom checking and anxieaty attacks. I am an engineer with a very inquisitive side and that helped me to research the topic in depth. From what I've learned and my 3-4 Neurologist visits (one was a top ALS specialist here in Chicago) I DO NOT THINK your wife has ALS.

First and foremost, after 1 year of symptom onset there should be serious loss of motor control of muscles. Second, numbness is usually not associated with ALS. As a matter of fact sensory symptoms are seldom in ALS prognosis.
My situation was either BFS (Benign Fasciculation syndrome) or ALS by the way it presented itself. The only way one would be sure was to wait for a year and see if there is any muscle power loss or atrophy. 2 years makes it nearly 100%. 1 year is about 99%. Thanks and praise to God, I'm OK after 3 years. Still twitching but not caring anymore...

3-4 months into my twitches I took the EMG (Electro Myogram) test and it was negative. You may mention this test to your doctor to have a better idea. It is not 100% but after a year a negative result would nearly rule everything out.

As my humble opinion goes your wife may have Fibromyalgia... Or most probably just plain nothing.

Let me know if you have more questions...

Hi Mike2969. Your wife is lucky to have you helping her.

Thyroid disorders can cause the numbness you describe and they are fairly common with women. I suggest that you have her thryoid tested. Ask the doctor to include the Free T3, Free T4 (besides the T3 and T4) and thyroid antibody tests. These are not usually run but are necessary to get a comprehensive view of the thyroid.

Check out the thyroid board at this site--it is great. When you get her results, post them there and the people can help you interpret them. Realize that even if results are normal, they may not be optimal for her.

Keep us posted okay?

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