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i know how scary the waiting is. my husbands symptoms started out as right hand weakness and he also had fasicullations( sort of like muscle twitches). the muscle btwn his thumb and index finger was very sunken in. He went thru many tests, and had to be followed for several months with the emg's every three months. about 5 months after his symtpoms they suspected als, but wanted further testing to be sure. They don't usually diagnosis als until all else has been ruled out. he ended up being diagnosed offically in november, 8 months after symptoms appeared. he now has weakness in his left arm and hand and his legs are becoming weaker. He gets tired out easily, but he is still mobile and very active.
in all of the testing and followup appts i found out that these symptoms can be caused from many things so, easier said than done, don't worry yourself until things progress or the docs come up with something. i hope they find an alternative diagnosis for your dad.

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