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For me it never has,It does slow down after a while but it never really ends. I Lost my Dad to ALS in Jan. 1991.. It's been 13 and a half yrs now and I still feel the anger and sadness as if it just happened. I Miss him more then words can say. What he had to experience was the most awful painful suffering death. He was diagnosed with ALS in 1990 while I was expecting my first child, he had pain in his right hand in 1989 while I was getting married,the Dr.
thought it might be MS or arthrits, When I was told by my Husband that it was terminal I was 7 and a half months along and all I did was cry and pray that he would be able to see our baby. My Dad didn't want anyone to tell me he was worried about the baby and myself. I'm glad My Husband told me because in that time I wrote my Dad a letter and told him just how much I Loved him, and how proud I was to be HIS daughter,and we spent time together, I was one of his caretakers, along with my sisters, we all took care of him, I can remeber bathing him, feeding him, scratching his arms or nose, etc. whatever he needed we were there for him, He was only 59 when ALS claimed his life. I still feel so angry that his life was cut short he missed so much,But he was able to be apart for my Daughters life for 14 months.He wasn't able to speak but He would look at the baby and then the floor and he wanted me to put her down in front of him so he could tickle her with his toes, Even to the end he tried to be a Wonderful Grandpa. My Daughter would get so excited when we would go over to his house she would almost jump out of my arms just so she could play with Pop-pop, He let her tug on his beard,kiss his eyes. She made his last days so filled with happiness and Love. I told her this just this Morning she's now going on 15 and has no memory of him, But I Thanked Her for making him happy. I now have two sons and I wish they would of known him, My oldest son reminds me so much of My Dad, the eyes are the same and I try to tell them as much as I can about my Dad, so maybe in someway they will feel like they Knew him. It helps me to talk about him.. But not a day has gone by that I don't think about him that it something we never get passed.He was all I had, My Mother died when I was a infant and My Dad when I was 21.. Sometimes I feel like I am not anyones little girl anymore, I have my Own Beautiful Family and are so grateful for each of them. I sometimes say out loud I am Still their Daughter... God Bless you, and your Mother. It's ok to cry, don't hold your feeling in, tell her how Much she means to you, Be there for her, and Most of all Take Care of yourself.

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