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Could this be ALS?
Oct 29, 2005
Thanks first to anyone who responds - I have become frantic in my search for what is causing these symptoms. First started with pain similar to toothache pain in both legs, Progressed to tremors in legs and pins and needles in hands and feet. Ringing in my ears when I lay down at night to go to sleep. Fasticulations all over my body. Legs feel very heavy especially when climbing stairs. Extreme fatigue no matter how much sleep I get. This has been going on for 9 months. After physical activity of any kind it takes days to recover my strength. Yesterday I was watching TV and had my feet up and noticed my toes on both feet moving slightly and I could feel my muscles sort of surging down my legs. I have been to a neurologist and my primary physician ordered an MRI. Neurologist said he saw no evidence of a nerve disease but to come back if I had trouble swallowing. Also can't seem to remember things or concentrate the way I was able to before all of these symptoms. I have had blood tests twice and there is no evidence of Lyme disease or anything else to explain the symptoms. My primary Dr is stumped. Does this sound like early ALS? :confused:
I agree Airey.... ALS is freightening to comprehend. And when we go to research what are most likely benign muscle twitches and other minor symptoms, ALS pops up!

From what I've gathered on ALS over the past few years (I've had crazy symptoms on/off since 12/03), pins & needles ARE NOT symptoms of ALS. Also, faciculations "all over" are again, NOT symptoms. My muscles have been twitching for the past 2 years, and my nerve conduction studies and EEGs have all been fine. I have recently been tested for MG, and as a result, my ANA levels have come back HIGH (1280), which points to a auto-immune disorder such as lupus. With auto-immune diseases, there are 100's of strange symptoms, which include all of the ones you described above. And again, what I have read about ALS, what you have described does not seem to fit. Maybe discuss the possibility of an EEG and/or NCS to check your nerves. good luck.

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