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[QUOTE=Deb-MD]Hello Susan:

Thanks so much for replying - I am in Maryland. Yes - I had a Lumbar spine MRI and the neurologist said there is no evidence of a neuro-muscular disease. The primary physician keeps suggesting that I may have chronic fatigue syndrome but has not officially made that diagnosis. i am getting very frustrated with him becaue this has gone on for over 9 months and I continue to be anxious - imagining the worst.[/QUOTE]

My grandmother had ALS.. I don't think it sounds like it. It could be Chronic Fatigue.. which is hard to diagnose from what I hear. Or have you thought about maybe Fibromyalgia? Why don't you hop on over to those threads and read about some of the symptoms?
I have had similar experiences and cab certainly empathize. I think Docs are overly cautious when they know VERY WELL that they have a patient who meets the criteria for Myofascial Pain Syndrome and/or Fibromyalgia. That certainly SOUNDS appropriate to your symptoms. People have bands of muscle with knots in them called "trigger points" that cause aching all over. Most of the time people don't know they have these "knots". If someone pushes on one--it will just about send you through the roof--or givr you really weird sensations in another part of your body. Fatigue, depression and loss of concentration go along with this illness. There is no blood test or xray to rule it out. It has significant over lap with Fibromyalgia. Many people have both conditions. Fibro is diagnosed by a Doc examining you and looking for pain responses. MY physiatrist, when I explained my "hurting all over" pain, told me I had a Myofacial Pain Syndrome BECAUSE "he doesn't like to use the word fibromyalgia". It's over used. Doctor's can be VERY biased--just like the rest of us,

I wish you well in you search for help and understanding.
Sounds like fibromyalgia to me. I have had it for several years and these are definitely alot of the symptoms.

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