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I, too, have been experiencing a lot of weird symptoms that my doctor canít attribute to anything. I've had a lot of blood work done that came back within in normal limits. I had an MRI to rule out MS, which was fine.

As far back as 4 years ago I noticed periodic numbness and tingling in my limbs. This would come and go throughout the day with no apparent reason. I would also occasionally wake up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning with body parts still "asleep" I thought perhaps I had slept wrong or pinched a nerve. Fast forward to 2 years back, while walking with a group of friends, I stubbed my toe on the sidewalk and went crashing to the ground, leading with my cheek and chin.....arms at my side! Nothing was broken, I was able to get up and walk away. Then a few months later I started getting cramps in my left foot. I'd start out walking and within a few feet my foot and toes would be in a painful ball at the end of my ankle. The doctors told me I was "stressed out", "depressed", having anxiety attacks. They prescribed Prozac and another anti-depressant when taken at low doses helps alleviate pain. I was still experiencing the numbness, spasms in my foot and muscle weakness but could for the most part sleep through the night. Most of my symptoms occur only on the left side of my body. I have noticed recently that my left arm wants to curl when resting in my lap. Buttoning shirts is a chore, brushing my teeth causes my brushing arm to I went to a battery operated one.

I was on the Atkins diet for much of the last 2 years but abandoned that fearing maybe that was causing my symptoms or at least making them worse. Since I've added 2-3 glasses a week of milk to my diet the foot spasms have subsided
Should I request to see a Neurologist?
I sure would. I saw a neurologist when I had a attack of numbness,smelling sensation,sweaty palms, etc. The neuro did EEG,MRI and decided I was having panic attacks which fit. I now take medicine for them and they are much better. However, women are very hard to diagnois with heart problems and they are often overlooked. They can be very subtle but, serious!

Good luck. Push the docs. They are so quick to say panic attacks or stressed out!! Thanks to them.


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