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Heavy Limbs
May 6, 2006
I'm experiencing episodes of heavy limbs and shortness of breath. Episodes of each are usually exclusionary of the other...i.e. when I'm suffering with shortness of breath my arms and legs feel fine...when I'm experience limb fatigue my breathing is fine.

I don't experience's really more of an annoying muscle fatigue, sometimes in the arms, sometimes in the legs.

Absolute strength is always there, but if I do something repetitive with, say my arm when using a hammer against a nail, my arm will start to fatigue...badly.

This started happening 10 years ago, at which point I had nerve conduction tests and a brain of which came up normal.

Now, fast forward 10 years and the frequency and severity has increased this past month.

My questions...

Do ALS symptoms 'come and go'?

Thanks for any help. There are a lot of great people here.
Re: Heavy Limbs
May 8, 2006
Hi dkbladez, thanks for your input.

Do symptoms of MD 'come and go'? I'd figure they'd be more like ALS where once an area is affected, there is no remission.

I'm seeing my family doctor tomorrow and will be requesting to see a neurologist.

Thanks again, it's kind of you to reply.

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