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I am a 55 year old female - I began having problems in my feet - just VERY sore feet since June 2005. Then Fasciculations in my calves at night or when I'm sitting. Then I developed shoulder pain that has never gone away. My left leg is visibly smaller than my right - but both legs are smaller than they used to be, in the calf. My left leg has a dent or indentation in the calf...and it's spreading up the inside calf muscle. I have indiscriminate pains that feel like someone is poking me hard in weird places - like two inches down from my shoulder...or an inch above my wrist - or in my calf - these pains are NOT in joints. Also if I stroke the outside of my upper arm it feels like it's a burning or sore feeling. After pain episodes I am very tired...fatigued. I also feel like my throat gets tired if I have to raise my voice - like if I'm in a restaurant and I have to talk loud to be heard above the background noise. I have had 2 MRI's, and EMG, and LOTS of bloodwork - everything comes out normal according to my neurologist. My questions are:

1) is there pain like this with ALS
2) is muscle weakness considered getting fatigued, or is there definite "strength" weakness first?

I am worried sick...I go back to the dr. July 11th...he diagnosed me with benign fascics in May...but why do I have to go back? I think he's waiting for more symptoms...or visual atrophy...I have an Aunt with MS and was hoping this was MS (simply because the thought of als is terrifying) - but I don't see any fascics with the symptoms of MS.

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