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I have 4 month suffering from numbness and tingling in both hands, and feet too. When it first started, I had the tingling and numbness feeling only in my hands, and the doctor thought it might be Carpal Tunes. He sent me to a neurologyst for the EMG test in my hands only. The same symptoms moved into my legs as well, and I have a weakness in my hands and in my right leg now.
I had the EMG test for Carpal Tunes a couple of days ago with a neurologyst, and he said that everything was normal. I told him that I'm having problems with my feet and legs too, and I'm having weakness too. He ignored everything, and he said that you need a splint for your hands. ALso the specialist did a physical examination, he tested my muscle strength in my hands and in my thumb, and he said they are OK.

My question to you is, having normal EMG test results in my hands, does it mean that I'm ALS free?

Thanks a lot.
I had the MRI of head done and it came back normal. The neuro said that because I don't have balance problems, vision problems, she did me a bunch of other tests when she examined me, so she said MS was very unlikely. But I think I have to push her for a spine MRI.

So i have shoulder pain and arm tingling and weakness, also my right leg is weak.

Last night I had a CT Scan of the neck done, I'll let you know the result.

Any other advise?

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