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Somebody please help me out - going crazy here! Sorry for the novel but want to give the whole background.
A month ago I had a procedure done under general anesthetic and afterwards had lots of leg/hip pain (it was a cervical thing so that could explain the leg pain).
Then a couple of weeks ago I had numbness/tingling (like novacaine wearing off) that began on my left cheekbone. My doc diagnosed a sinus infection and put me on antibiotics. A day later the numbness spread down my cheek around the jaw line and into my lip, and down my left arm. I went into the hospital and they ran MRI and MRA's of my brain and c-spine - tons of bloodwork for everything. Nothing came up. The numbness kind of changed to a stiff feeling in my face and arm. No loss of muscle usage during this.
I followed up with the neuro a few days later and complained of the numbness/tingling moving into my thigh and having a thigh spasm. She gave me Lexapro (an anti depressant) and sent me home. I took the Lexapro - desperate for a solution - and that night had sever muscle twitches and spasms moving all over my entire body.I called the doc - she said keep takin it and gave me some Xanax too. The next two night I woke up with complete body spasms (worse when I relaxed and went to sleep but through my entire body all day too). I went to the ER at 2:30 a.m. freaking out and they said I was having a bad reaction to the medicine and gave me more medicine to counter it. Doc sent me for another MRI - nothing again.
Now the numbness has changed intp a pain running down the middle of my left forearm, right near the bone on the left elbow, soreness in the left shoulder and the twitches that are randomly all over my body have not stopped. My face still feels somewhat numb/stiff. My fingers in my left hand - the ring finger and pinky and thumb - are being difficult to manuever but they don't feel "weak" necessary - just stiff and somewhat tingly, hard to pick things up. I am going to see another neurologist but I'm scared!
I'd appreciate any help with my questions:
1) Is numbness/tingling a possible sign of ALS? Would it start in a cheekbone and move down the face/arm?
2) The twitching began when I took the Lexapro but the original symtpoms never went away. The twitching is still there (less than what it was but still randomly through my body) some twitches you can see, some you can't. You can see them less now than a week ago, but I'm still twitching.
3) Does ALS make muscles/tendons tender to the touch? The pain in the center of my forearm and on my elbow hurt when you touch them. The finger symptoms began when these muscles began to hurt - it's just like a lack of coordination in my left hand... And my thumb joint is very stiff/sore too.

I can walk on my heels and toes, but the bottom of my feet now feel like they are 'vibrating'.
Could this be the onset of ALS? BTW - I am a 31 y/o female and mother who needs to get a grip. But I'm so scared of this loss of movement now in my left hand!

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