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Thank you for your response and concern Dan's Mom. My doctor told me to find a neurologist when I head up to school. But my spasms have been going on for awhile...they pretty much happen all over my body and that's how it was from the onset. I heard that this can be a sign that I don't have ALS but I'm still worried...particularly about the breathing and throat problems! My throat feels kinda sore and it is a little painful...kinda like there is a piece of food stuck in there. If I had bulbar onset, wouldn't I get spasms in my throat and tongue and such first before it spread to the rest of my body? As far as I know, I haven't had any spasms in my tongue.
Mack, do you have GERD or acid reflux? That could cause your throat to be sore and also has something to do with your breathing. Sometimes people can have silent reflux but it still can cause the same damage. Good luck
Those can also all be symptoms of hyperactive thyroid, MS and anxiety attacks, among other things. A good friend of ours had ALS and I don't remember the sore throat or the muscle spasms. Good luck!


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