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Here are the symptoms I've been experiencing . I'm not entirely sure they are related but thought maybe someone would recognize somehing and be able to give me an idea. I'm going to a neurologist but not until november 8th.

I'm experiencing significant weakness in my left hand and it has been slowly progressing for a little over 6 months now. In addition to the weakness, I am unable to life my fingers individually and am limited on the range of motion of my thumb. I can fully extend or fully close my fingers by using my other hand or something inanimate to force them into the position and it does not hurt but I am unable to do it with that hand itself. I have no pain and no loss of sensation in that hand, no tingling or numbness. I do, however, have fasciculations in my left hand and forearm.

In addition over the last couple of months I've noticed that my legs are incredibly stiff when I get up from any chair if I have been sitting for longer than about 10 minutes. Once I'm moving, the pain/stiffness in my legs goes away.

Anybody got any thoughts they could share? is there something my regular doctor could test for prior to my visit to the neurologist that might be helpful?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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