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I have posted before on MS and fibro boards with a vareity of symptoms I have been experiencing for six least something everyday for that period.

During the past two months I have been experiencing what feels like als symptoms, such as foot and leg cramps, easily fatigued leg muscles. More recently twitching in calves and thighs, also in the forearms and bicep areas, also in parts of the torso. My forearms are also quite weak, with the muscles in the the limbs tender to the touch in areas, almost as if I have been working out for hours and days on end. At this stage there is no noticeable atrophy. I also have the feeling that my hands and feet are swollen but in reality are not. I have no problems such as stumbling or in reality strength issues. I can pick up heavy objects as usual.

What is utterly confusing is that these symptoms have taken over, indeed overlapped with others experienced in recent months, including tingling of extremities, especially at night. I still get the hand pins and needles at night, probably every 3rd or 4th night. I was also getting numb feelings in hands, lower arms and heels, these are not as pronounced as before. Some 3 months ago I had tingling in my throat, chin and left side of face, with a deal of facial pain, especially in the cheekbones. Thes facial symptoms have more or less disappeared since August.

Way back in May, it seems like a century ago now my first symptoms were chest pains, with back stuff as well. I had all the cardio tests which were good. I still have some residual chest and back pain, but very little since about August.

So you can probably imagine my confusion here, all up there is complex web of MS, fibro and now als symptoms. I have had a lot of bloodwork and brain MRI in this period, all of which were clear. Also had cat scans on my spine which were also good.

I guess my question to this forum really is, does the above sound like ALS ? Can it begin in this fashion ?

I see my Doc again next week. I have been overseas for five weeks with the family, managed to do most of what we wanted, a lot of walking each day, one marathon 12 hour sighseeing, underground stuff in London, and although I was tired afterwards, I managed it without a great deal of problems.

If this is ALS, six months on does this sound like it ?

Sorry for rambling, any feedback would be very welcome indeed.


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