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Checking symptoms
Nov 28, 2006
Ok, I have been going through this for 4 months now. I'll start with my arms. The back of both fore-arms get sore just from general use. No cramping and very little twitching. Right seems to be a little worse. Fingers on right hand tend to be a little sluggish intermittently. Then there is my right leg. I think there is atrophy in my right buttocks and quadriceps. Can't tell entirely. Some cramping in buttocks and and calf intermittently. [B]NO[/B] problems with right foot. I had twitching in my right leg, mainly in quadriceps, but that seems to have gone away. Haven't had any twitching in about a week now. I guess I should say [B]"major"[/B] twitching. I still get the random twitch here and there. I had an EMG and NCV in late September on my legs and they both came back normal. 2 neurological exams before the EMG/NCV that didn't show anything. The neuro only did the EMG up to my quadriceps and when I asked him he said that any denervation would have shown up further out the extremities. He said he suspected a possible pinched nerve was causing the problems in my leg. Apparently my neuro is highly respected. He told me he had only seen one case of ALS at my age, 28, and it was twin brothers with familial ALS. I've been trying to stop worrying, but I can't seem to give myself a reason. Anybody have any input or advice?

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