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Hello everyone. I wanted to post because I am terrified. I started experiencing symptoms of ALS a little over a year ago. Weakness in the arms and legs was my first symptom. Then I noticed a decrease in fine motor skills.
Not tremendous, but enough to be noticed. I went to a Neurologist for testing. He performed an MRI, and several other test. MS was ruled out and he basically sent me on my way. My symptoms continued and have now
grown to affect other parts of my body. My legs muscles twitch non-stop.
The twitching occurs occasionally in my arms. Weakness if overwhelming in all extremities. My fine motor skills have diminished greatly. I could type 90wpm about two years ago and now I am lucky to type 40wpm due to a loss of
control of my hands. Writing is out of the question as my hands get tired just signing my name. I drive alot for my job and have to pull over sometimes because my arms and legs have gotten to the point of exhaustion. I have little doubt as to the cause of these symptoms. I do however face a major
problem as I have no medical insurance. I changed jobs about a year ago and
my new position does not currently offer medical coverage. I know the need to get testing done is great, but I cannot afford the required procedures.
Does anyone know of any organizations that may be able to help me with
my medical needs? I am desperate!

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