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Jan 15, 2007
I am wonder if the 'twitching' symptom of ALS is a constant twitching of one or more areas or if it is a random sporadic twitching throughout different areas of your body.
For about 6 months I have had random twitching, more frequently in some areas (left thigh, etc.). I have also had periodic muscle pain - like a charlie horse in one spot on my left calf and one spot on my left thigh. This comes and goes. There is also numbness on the left side of my face but no loss of muscle movement. 6 months ago I saw two neurologists who did an MRI then basically told me I was crazy. Too young for ALS they said (I'm 32) and my symptoms didn't warrant additional tests.
Anyway - just wondering what the 'twitching' in ALS is really like so I can (hopefully) cross it off my list of concerns.
Re: Twitching...
Jun 29, 2007
I just wanted to let you know that I have been going through all the same symptoms as you, and so far I am just classified as having anxiety (which I already knew), LOL. But in any case, I just wanted to let you know that I to get twitching, mostly in my rt foot, calf & upper thigh. However I also get facial numbness, but my Doc thinks that is more to do with TMJ. I guess what happens is, because I do have an anxiety issue I tend to get anxious then our muscles tend to tighten up (including the jaw) once our muscle get all tight we start to develop all the other symptoms, such as: Muscle twitching, facial numbness, lower back pain, neck tension etc... So it's like a chain of events that is happening. Like now for the past week or so, I have been dealing with the whole bunch of symptoms, but I have to look back and remember what's going on in my life that may be causing it (14 year old daughter, need I say more) LOL.
So anyway, your symptoms sound like all of mine, and so far no one has told me I have MS or ALS, THANK GOD!!! I have had blood test, Catscan of the brain etc... I do get migraines as well, which will cause other symptoms that I have such as visual issues, and facial numbness, and the Headaches... So... I don't know if you get migraines, but if you do, that could be the cause of some of your problems as well.
Well, I know I didn't work miracles for you, but I hope it helps you to now that you are not alone and there are MANY of us out here with all the same symptoms....
Stay well, and God bless

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