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Hi Ticker:

I was wondering what your symptoms are/were. Listen to this story and let me know what you think.

A 35 y.o male family member was bit by a deer tick about 1-2 yrs ago, had the bullseye rash, and at the time was mistreated with a one day dose of antibiotics. Gradually he has been experiencing left hand finger and wrist weakness. He has gone to a few neurologists who are leading down a diagnosis path of ALS. When tested for antibodies to lyme his blood test results came back as 0.91 which reads as equivocal (not positive/not negative). There was no evidence of lyme detected in any spinal fluid or through any other tests the neurologists ran. Over the last 2-3 weeks he has been treated by an infectious disease dr. who put him on IV antibiotics. While muscle twitches in his left arm have subsided/decreased, the weakness in his left hand fingers appears to be worse.

With your experience, what are your opinions and/or advise.


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