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Well I am a 23 year old male and I have been having real bad muscle spasms, cramps in my legs and arms. The spasms feel like they are fluttering. When I am writing in class my forearm gets real tired and cramps and sometimes my hand will shake,
my neck and jaw at times have a cramp like stinging sensation, my ankles and places where there seems to be a lot of muscles/tendons feel and sound like they are popping/tearing when i move them; like if i rotate my ankles and wrist in a circular motion or when i flex my triceps i hear a grinding/crackling noise and feel it; just to point out a few symptoms I have been experiecing. I am also real tired a lot lately, especially when I walk; sometimes its painful in my thighs, not sharp pain but a dull pain like a 4 out of 10.
I have also realized that my muscles seem to be shrinking; but my strength as far as I can tell has not been affected that much. i have lost about 22 pounds and cant tell if its fat loss or muscle... I go in for an EEG Feb. 9 to see if I am having seizures, would this exam show abnormal nerve activity? I had a blood test done and got the results the tests are
Vitamin b12 306
folate 15.6
TSH 1.29
Renin 0.6
serum aldosterone 4.9
Does ALS have any effect on blood tests?
What are the muscle symptoms of ALS? Can it effect all the limbs within 2 months? All this started around that time and in both legs at the same time, not just one then the other.....
Thanks in advance

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