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I'm a 53/m married, two children. About 4 months ago I came down with a undetermined viral infection. I had canker soars in the back of my throat, extreme fatique, head aches, mild fever, loose stools, and a numbness and tingling started in my right foot and weakness in my left thumb. Noticed this most during the bouts of extreme fatique. This lasted about 2 months. The numbness in my right foot and tingling became worst and the numbness in thumb comes and goes. Now I have numbness at night in my hands and two fingers on my right hand. During the day I do not notice it in my hands, but in my right foot and thumb. Could these be symptoms of ALS? I also had severe cramps under chin yesterday and a headache. Please answer. I've had EBV come back positve, doctor even did a HIV negative and CBC normal. Thank you.:wave:

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